• Soulsurf Experience Portugal •

Step into the field of the Soulsurf Experience and “touch” the spirit of people coming from different communities, sharing that they cultivate a conscious and collaborative togetherness. Different disciplines, same spirit.


Next Soulsurf Experience starts on 16th September 2017 

(Booking opens in April)


Program & Workshops



The blissful act of flowing with, and gliding on water. It is the mother of all board sports, it already has been an art form among ancient cultures living near the ocean. The natural way to have an “oceanic experience” – the phenomena which psychologists call the feeling of being one with the universe.

Acro Yoga


A new movement culture that combines Yoga, Acrobatics and Thai Massage in a very sophisticated and playful way. It has strong communities of practitioners all over the world. It needs at least 2 people (“Base” & “Flyer”), in the beginning 3 people (a “Spotter” to help and secure). In “Therapeutic Flying” the Flyer stays more passive, as he receives a massage while flying. in “Acrobat Flying” the duo of Base and Flyer team up to expand into a common flow.

Contact Improvisation


Is a rapidly growing postmodern dance form that puts improvisation, an explorative approach and mindfulness into the center, rather than a fixed “movement-alphabet”. It opens a space of for researching new ways of being, moving and getting into contact with oneself, others and the world. For many it opens up a magic box of embodiment, liberation and .

Tribal Shake


Travel along pathways of movements which are from way back in time and are still present in our cell memory. With a dash of urban flavor, we will explore the variety of the feminine and the masculine essence. Tribal shake will take you on a journey full of rhythm, constant, earthy, proud, flowy, wavy and circular movements. With an awareness of our senses until we connect with the inner self, the natural intuitive sensitivity – a deep and unforgettable presence.

Aquatic Research 


Brings Dance and Bodywork/Massage into the water – we use the pool as our laboratory to explore new ways of movement and forms of interaction with others. The water element offers completely different opportunities and experiences then moving on land, it invites us to float and fly through liquid space! In this space with almost no gravity, we can play with principles of contact improvisation dance, combine movements from, bodywork, massage, cranio sacral therapy and apply partner stretches.

Thai Massage


By incorporating various movement principles such as ‘slowing down’, ‘becoming aware of your body’, ‘sharing weight’ and ‘sinking’, you will learn basic and advanced Thai Massage techniques – where your feet and elbows become your hands. This will invite a whole new world of possibilities of getting in touch. Allowing yourself to dive deep and fully expand – through acupressure and stretching.

In a relaxed and playful setting, you will be guided to explore different qualities of touch and experiment with new ways of movement – integrating some foundational principles of (acro)yoga and contact impro. We co-create an environment that helps grounding yourself to become aware of the inner and outer waves – rooted in the present moment you can get in touch with the beauties of nature.

Ecstatic Dance


Ecstatic Dance is a transformational dance journey. Wholeness, aliveness and connection come into focus. Body, mind and spirit unite as we come back to our true selves, joining together with others through the simple act of dancing. This is the dance we dance when nobody is watching! Music and movements begin very subtle, gradually increasing dynamic until we reach a peak with full expression and energy release. After about 1 hour the music gently moves back into music with slower gooves. In the end there is a 15 minutes chillout phase with soft live music.


Jams are the pulsating hearts of the communities of Acro Yoga, Contact Improvisation, massage or dance in water. It is the format that cultivates and celebrates not only the vast knowledge of techniques, principles and tricks of a specific discipline, but also nourishes and strengthens the community and the bonds of the individuals forming it. Jams are a format for free movement or exchange of bodywork, in a mindful and playful atmosphere. It is also a space for learning and teaching with an each-one-teach-one-approach.


Ben is sharing a freestyle rap workshop. Every language has its own flow, its own rhythme. and a its a big relief to let out things witch you don’t know yet. The workshop will be focused on basic rap skills: 1. flow 2. rhymes 3. the story behind. Ben will show you tricks how to get fluid with words in your mother tounge.

Dj´s & Live Music


Invisible waves that invite you to surf through dance.

Soul Food

Healthy vegetarian dishes that taste and make you feel good. We use mainly seasonal ingredients, from regional farmers that grow their crops in a traditional portuguese way. Let´s eat and enjoy together!

Daily Rhythm & Schedule

Click on the picture below, to see the timetable of the last Soulsurf Experience (2016):


  1. Sunrise
  2. Morning-Beach-Ecstatic-Dance-Warm-Up-Party
  3. Soul Food Breakfast
  4. Workshop Block I 
  5. Soul Food Lunch/Siesta
  6. Workshop Block II
  7. Soul Food Dinner
  8. Sunset
  9. Open Space/Jams